Ashley Dumas

  • Name:Ashley Dumas
  • Age: 18
  • Ocupation: bass guitarist/student
  • height: 5'3
  • hair color: blonde
  • loves: Tatooes, heavy metal music and traveling
Since childhood, Ashley had been a hardcore girl, you can call her a tom boy or whatever but there was nobody who dared to mess with her untill she completed her high school.Joshua was the first guy who got successful in applying a successfull prank on her and got away safely. It wasn't because he was too tough or somthing but Joshua was alot like ashley. He loved rock music and talking slang all the time and pull everybody's leg. Once Ashley found out that he's just like her, she decided to forgive his "unforgivable" mistake and offered a hand of friendship and truce. Since then, they became best friends. They played music in a band together which was called "Poison X", along with Steve, Joe and Jessica who were her best friends. she crossed many ups and downs of her life with them.

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